New kills!

At the end of our first week of guild raids we've managed to clear several new foes.

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Spider, Construct, and Plague Wings cleared, as well as Noth and Gothik. Only the Four Horseman keep us from Sapphiron and Kel'thuzad.

Solid work so far everyone, keep it up!


Naxx stomping!

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The curb-stomping of Naxx has begun, official kills to begin next reset!

Spider wing, Patch, Noth, and Heigan down to partial PuG. Thanks all for comming out.


Just hangin' out over Thanksgiving weekend

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Raids will be starting soon, if you're unsure how to get involved stop by the forums or talk to an officer in-game.

Happy holidays from the hangman's noose.


Return of BoC

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Welcome those who've joined us in Chaos, old and new friends alike. After some months apart, BoC's membership sets eyes to Northrend and the perils of the Lich King's forces.