Ulduar Week One:

A good start.

flame lev
xt002 deconstructor
and iron council

kolo and iron council wws: http://wowwebstats.com/fiu3zy2cpvzwg


Flame Leviathan/XT-002 Deconstructor

good times.

and more good times.

make sure you watch these in HD actually ON the youtube site so they look good [and so you can see my fat 17k s.slam on the heart in fine detail]

aaaand.... i didn't get razorscale because we're awesome and killed him with no idea what was going on.

there's always next week.



3.1 and Ulduar!

3.1 is finally upon us.

New dungeons to delve, loot to loot, and boss crotches to stare at.

Grats on the first night down of Flame Leviathan.
Grats also on second night Decon and Razorscale downs.
3/14 pewpew.

[also, working on getting an HD youtube channel for all of our vids.]